Getting Started

The process begins by taking in your hand sketches, CAD drawings, or solid models for quotation. For quotation purposes, PDF’s with overall dimensions are preferred. Once a quote is submitted and a purchase order is sent, we will begin programming your plastic enclosures.

The first step in the fabrication process is to assign ECN and . We route out the enclosure (and its components) in the flat. The holes, cutouts, and recesses are applied during the milling process.

After routing, the parts are moved to the sawing stage. Here the parts are given a 45 deg. miter on the underside of the part. This serves as the bend location. Material is removed in this fashion to hold tighter tolerances during the bending process.

Before bending, the parts go through another operation at faceting. During this stage, the parts are deburred, chamfered, or radiused on the edges.

The bending process is also CNC controlled. A complex table made specifically for PSI allows us to hold tight tolerance angles to complete the forming process of plastic housings.

Finally, the parts are ready for assembly in the bonding department. Here, component parts are solvent welded together and bend joints are welded to give the part additional structural integrity.

Value added services are incorporated at different stages of manufacturing. Screened plastic enclosures are sent out after milling; Digital printing is applied prior to forming, and painted plastic enclosures are sent out after bonding. In the case of EMI coating, it is applied to plastic enclosures before milling in most cases, but can be added after final assembly as well.

Enclosures are packed and shipped per customer instruction.

Contact us today about fabricating your plastic enclosure, or you can a request a quote.